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Restauracje Staropolskie
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Restauracje Staropolskie
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Digitization of business is the future of companies. Thanks to new technologies, everyone with a small amount of investment has the opportunity to invest in development projects.

We are opening up the HORECA industry to a completely new market for small investors for whom it has hither to date been unattainable.

Our solution gives RESTA token holders the opportunity to receive bonuses from the generated profit.

Issued tokens will allow to finance the investment and expand the range of services provided. The purchase of RESTA tokens gives the opportunity to participate in a real project, in which the object of the investment is the construction of a hotel and the expansion of existing restaurants.

Let us remember that investing in tokens involves not only profit, but also the risk of losing capital. Before you start an investment, check out its mechanism with our whitepaper!

Easy Acquisition

Thanks to a simple token distribution system, devoting a few minutes, anyone can become a RESTA token holder by purchasing it for the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Real project

By purchasing a RESTA token, you participate in a real project in which the object of the investment is real estate, the value of which is constantly increasing.

Token payments

RESTA token has many uses. For example, it can be used as a means of payment for various services. In addition, the holder can take advantage of discounts on our products.

Passive income

The token owner does not have to spend time running the business. Everything is handled by the company, which transfers all bonuses to the address provided by the user.


Purchase and launch of a normobaric chamber and creation of a music club. Investments in the Staropolska Inn and Cottage increasing their standard and reducing operating costs such as photovoltaics and heat pumps. Retrofitting of a second kitchen for catering development.
Buying out together with tenants (known nationwide chains of stores) a real estate in Wodzisław Śląski, where "Staropolskie Smaki" restaurant is run and currently leased, and equipping it with photovoltaics, heat pumps and air conditioning.

The purchase together with a general refurbishment of Malta Hotel in Dąbrowa Górnicza located near Katowice Airport and not far from Kraków Airport. The object will constitute a completely new location within the Staropolska Network. There will be a facility offering 25 rooms, hall for 250 guests, and excellent high-class services for each customer, including the new segment - passengers and air crew. An additional asset will be a kitchen with the capacity to serve meals for 2,000 people.

The purchase of the adjacent plots of land in order to expand the Staropolska Cottage in Mszana with a new wing, which will include an outdoor swimming pool, an indoor swimming pool, a SPA, a conference and banquet hall for 200 people, 12 rooms, 4 suites, a super VIP lounge, a sqush court, a cryogenic chamber, brine baths, etc. - The ultra-modern wellness center. After the expansion the facility will have - 3 kitchens, restaurant, music club, night club, 3 banquet and conference rooms with a total capacity of 500 people.

Our infrastructure

Staropolska cottage

A gastronomic facility in Mszana at ul. Wodzisławska 39. The restaurant operates at the A1 motorway junction. The facility consists of a restaurant, banquet halls, an inn with accommodation, also a 3-star hotel. There is also a VIP room and a nightclub where events and dances are organized. The restaurant has been classified in the top 100 taverns in the country.

  • Tables for 100 clients
  • 13 rooms
  • Organization of events for 450 guests
  • Parking for 44 cars and 2 buses
  • VIP room with a tasting room
  • sauna and jacuzzi

Staropolska inn

The restaurant is located in Świerklany at ul. Żorska 33. The restaurant is located right next to the DW 933 motorway junction connecting Żory with Rybnik and Wodzisław. The road is one of the most frequented objects by local business traffic. Karczma Staropolska is a popular meeting point for entrepreneurs. The restaurant cooperates with the Mercedes showroom next door. Customers waiting on the spot for car repairs receive vouchers to be used as part of the inn offer, which provides:

  • tables for 70 people
  • Summer terrace for 40 clients
  • Banquets for 100 guests
  • 2 independent bars
  • Parking for 30 cars and a coach

Old Polish flavors

Gastronomic facility in Wodzisław Śląski at ul. K. Wyszyńskiego 50. The restaurant is located downtown, about 300 meters from the railway station. All the facilities for booking banquet rooms in Mszana and Świerklany, as it does not have a separate room. Guests using the premises book rooms more often due to the quality of the smaller facility included in the infrastructure. The restaurant was entered on the List of 100 best restaurants in Poland. Why?

  • Tables for 96 people
  • Summer terrace for 40 clients
  • Children's corner


  • Nazwa Tokenu: RESTA
  • Standard: Ethereum ERC20
  • Token type: Utility
  • Price 0.075 EUR
  • Soft Cap : 1 693 500 EUR
  • ICO start: 1 march, 2021
  • Whitepaper: Download
  • First Stage Bonus: 25%


At this stage, for procedural and legal reasons, the token has to be purchased with a cryptocurrency such as ETH, BTC, BCH, TRX, USDT

Token distribution:

Funds distribution:

Main Benefits for Holders

We reward our Holders in several ways:

By purchasing at different stages, the investor gains the difference from the discount for the purchase of tokens, i.e. 25% in the first stage of sale, 20% in the second stage of sale, 10% in the third stage of sale.
Resta token holders are offered passive earnings from the company's generated profit of 20%. This bonus is paid once a year based on financial results, which will be sent to all tokenaries by e-mail.
Possibility to pay for 100% of the services and goods offered by Old Polish Restaurants with tokens - discounts from 5% to 30% on all services and goods in all Old Polish Restaurants depending on the number of tokens held.
We allow you to exchange tokens between their owners from the moment you get the Soft Cap

Token-holder bonus calculator




1. How to purchase a RESTA token?

Simply click buy tokens, register in the sales panel and verify your account via the activation link sent in the email. The purchase of tokens is very simple, detailed information on the purchase process can be found HERE.

2. How to set up a wallet compatible with RESTA tokens?

RESTA tokens operate on the ERC20 standard on the Ethereum network. All you need to do is use compatible wallets.  One of the more popular ones is Metamask, with which you can easily manage your tokens. However, this is not the only solution.

3. Token functionality

Tokens allow you to make payments for services, as well as allow you to take advantage of a number of discounts for the Tokenaire. They generate different benefits, depending on the number of tokens you have.  Sprawdź nasz kalkulator usług.

4. Should I account for taxes on tokens held and bonuses received?

Each Tokenholder should account for the profits earned by owning tokens on their own and in accordance with the laws applicable in their country.

5. In what form will the bonus be paid?

The annual bonus for holding EFR tokens, will be paid in Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) in the first quarter of each calendar year.


February 2020

Creating a business plan

Na początku roku rozpoczęły się pierwsze prace nad stworzeniem biznes planu.

February 2020

July 2020

Establishing cooperation

Project concept development for tokenization. ICO development, legal consultation, documentation preparation.

July 2020

September 2020

Preparation of implementation

Start of IT work, creation of project design and marketing strategy.

September 2020

December 2020

Disclosure to the world

Powołanie spółki pod realizację projektu RESTA OÜ.

December 2020

February 2021


Rozpoczęcie przedsprzedaży dla prywatnych inwestorów.

February 2021

March 2021

1st stage of Soft Cap sales

Start ICO I fazy tokenów.

March 2021

February 2022


End of issue.

February 2022

Q2 - Q4 2021

Implementation of the investment plan

Implementation of the investment assumptions of the 1st and 2nd stage of the project, provided that appropriate funds are collected during the issue.

Q2 - Q4 2021

II kwartał 2022

Malta & Mszana

Commencement of work on the implementation of the remaining stages III and IV.

II kwartał 2022

II kwartał 2022

Hotel Malta

Completion of the investment works of the third stage of the project.

II kwartał 2022

Q1 2024

Extension of the facility in Mszana.

Completion of stage IV.

Q1 2024